Colds: Sweat It Out or Wait It Out?

You may have heard people say exercising with a cold can help boost the immune system and help cure the common cold quicker than not being active. Of course the argument is that the body needs to rest so it can battle the cold and become well again. There is no definite answer, but be sure you don’t push your body too hard in its weakened state.

For example, if the individual is experiencing a cough, fever, body aches, flu-like symptoms, or asthma/heart disease along with the cold, the gym should be avoided and the body should be given time to recover. However, exercising is encouraged once the person has the energy to work out, they have been fever-free for up to 24 hours and the symptoms are mild, such as a runny nose.

Another factor to keep in mind while exercising with a cold is to be aware of the medications you may be taking and what impact they have on the body. Some decongestants may increase a person’s heart rate, so be aware of where your heart rate is while exercising on cold medications. Always be aware of what your body may be telling you.  Start with a light workout and then increase gradually as your body recovers from the cold.

It is important to always to wipe off the equipment you use, wash hands frequently, throw tissues in the trash immediately and cover your mouth when you sneeze or cough to help prevent the spread of germs and diseases.

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