Plateaus and How to Break Them

As you lose weight, your metabolism declines along with it because you have lost muscle along with fat. You will burn fewer calories because your body is becoming more primed to meet physical demands. When the calories you burn equal the calories you eat, you find yourself stuck on a plateau.

To break a plateau, there are a few options.

Be diligent when tracking your food and activity records. Perhaps you have become more liberal with portion sizes without realizing it.

Try cutting a bit more calories. Dropping your calorie count below 1,200 is not recommended. The goal is not to starve yourself. To drop your calorie count that low would be counterproductive and will most likely end with weight gain. Try dropping 200 more calories in your diet while staying near or above 1,200 and then see how you progress.

Pack in more activity throughout the day and increase your workout intensity. Interval training is beneficial in shocking the system. Incorporating strength training as well will increase muscle mass to help you burn more calories at rest.

Continuing to experiment with new tactics is important. Don’t give up if you find one strategy is not giving you desired results – this is not a “one size fits all” world!

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