Staying Fit While Traveling

We all know what it feels like when we are in the groove – working out on a regular basis and then all of the sudden vacation hits. While it may seem like a struggle to keep up activity while also trying to make the most of your relaxation time, there are numerous ways to stay on track with your fitness.

Simply walking at a fast pace for 20 to 30 minutes raises your heart rate and gives you the active feeling you need.

If you’re at a hotel, most have 24-hour access to a workout room equipped with hand weights and cardio equipment.

Pack a bathing suit in case a pool is available. Swimming laps is a great way to burn calories and wind down at the end of the day.

Body weight exercises is always a good choice – push ups, dips, crunches, squats, planks, etc. all can be done with just the use of your body.

Resistance bands and small dumbbells are handy if you have access to them. There are a variety of workouts that can be done using these.

It is important to remember recovery after any workout. Using the pool, sauna or even getting a light massage will keep you feeling well and aid in recovery.

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