Staying Motivated Past The Resolution

Staying motivated to work out isn’t always easy. It’s difficult to stay committed to your exercise routine.  There are a few simple tips/ideas that can make a difference in whether you get to the gym or not.

  1. Stop the excuses. Everyone has a busy schedule. You have to schedule the time in your daily routine to fit in a workout. Keep in mind even 20 minutes of High Intensity Training (HIT) can yield great results. Remember you always feel better about your day, life, family and yourself after a workout.
  2. Make a great playlist to use when you work out. Music can inspire you to work harder, faster and longer.
  3. Set a goal. Plan to succeed. Without a strategy, goals are just intentions. When you set a goal it works best to write it down and revisit it daily/weekly.
  4. Infuse variety into your workouts. Many people will go to the gym and utilize the same cardio equipment or do the same dumbbell routine. Go to a group fitness class such as Body Attack, Zumba or Yoga. Work with a personal trainer to gain new insight into new workouts or break through a plateau.
  5. Find a workout partner that will push you to get to the gym and work out.

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