Top Three Reformer Exercises for Longer Legs

Achieving long, lean and strong legs is one of the many benefits of adding the Pilates Reformer method to your training. While using the Pilates Reformer benefits the whole body, there are certain exercises we use to achieve strength, length, and flexibility in the legs. These exercises also target the hip adductors and abductors, which tend to be weak in relationship to the larger muscles of the legs.

The first exercise is the Side Split. This exercise meshes flexibility and strength in a controlled split while standing on the reformer. This exercise also focuses on the pelvic floor.


The Hamstring Curl is another great choice. This is performed on the “long box” – another piece of equipment used in addition to the Reformer. In practicing this exercise, we lay on the box on the belly with the straps placed on the feet. We then bend at the knees and curl them toward the glutes. This will build strong hamstrings, knees and hips.


The third leg exercise is Legs In Straps. This exercise targets hamstrings, adductors, gluteals, abdominals and hip flexors.


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