Why Practice Mind/Body Exercise?

 Interested in relieving stress, strengthening your core, becoming more flexible and relieving lower back pain all at the same time? A mind-body program may be for you!

Yoga can help unlock joints, lengthen muscles and alleviate stress. Time is set aside for relaxation at the end of every class, providing a great opportunity to tune into your body and your thoughts.

Like yoga, pilates strengthens the core. Whether you choose equipment (reformer, chair, arc) or mat classes, pilates is the ultimate in body control. In fact, Joseph Pilates called his exercises Contrology. The focus is on mindful movement while creating length and motion through the spine. The result is improved posture, increased torso stability, stronger abs and back, more flexible spine and ease of movement.

Barre mirrors pilates principles with ballet techniques to shape and tone the whole body.

Try this at home:
Downward dog (inverted V): From standing, roll down through the spine to bring hands to the ground (bend your knees as needed). Walk your hands out to plank (push-up position). Pike your hips toward the ceiling, allowing your heels to come off the ground as needed, creating an upside-down V shape. Your ears should be between your biceps, shoulders relaxed and heels reaching for the floor.

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